Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flarestack Poets Launch

I'm just about recovered now from the intense experience of presenting poems from my pamphlet Gaud at the Flarestack Poets launch in Birmingham on Tuesday night.

Loyal parents and partner waiting for the event to begin
Jacqui and Meredith, the Flarestack editors, had found a really great venue in the Ikon Gallery, supported by Writing West Midlands; and the other poets and members of the audience were extremely friendly and supportive. All three of the competition pamphlets seemed to be selling well and I even got to sign a few of mine own.

The quality of the competition entries was clearly very high, particularly the poems of my fellow prize-winner Nichola Deane. Favourites of mine among the shortlisted and anthology poets were Jacci Garside, Oliver Comins, Claire Dyer, Michael Conley and Roy Marshall.

I can't say much about my own reading, as it all seemed to go by in a blur. I think I got the introductory-chat-to-poems-ratio about right. There's a review of the event here, at Gary Longdon's blog.

Gaud will soon be available to buy via the Flarestack website, where you can also get hold of their other excellent pamphlets. Otherwise, copies can be had from me in person at forthcoming readings.

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