Sunday, March 17, 2013

Poem at 'Antiphon'

I'm delighted to have a poem in Issue 6 of the excellent on-line poetry journal Antiphon.

Moving house last summer involved the disassembly and reassembly of a greenhouse - a process we had already been through once when we had bought it second hand and transported it in pieces from the outskirts of Birmingham. On both occasions, it was an extremely long-winded and fiddly process, but - as poets probably say too often - at least I got a poem out of it.
Photo: D. Clarke

In keeping with their name (antiphony is when a song features a call and response between the singer and the choir or audience), the editors are keen for readers to comment on the published poems and tell them about their favourites. Click here for more information. I know that Orbis have been doing this very successfully in print for a number of years, and it seems only logical that on-line magazines should provide a forum for this kind of discussion. So, why not get in touch if you have enjoyed the work?

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