Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Going to the Library

I have only recently discovered the excellent poetry resource which is the Scottish Poetry Library. Based in Edinburgh, it's a long way from my home town of Cheltenham Spa, at the edge of Cotswolds. However, for a very modest yearly membership fee, the librarians send volumes directly to my home address, which is a great help when I am are hunting down long-out-of-print collections. It also mitigates, to some extent, my problem with an ever-increasing number of poetry books purchased and a proportionately decreasing amount of shelf-space.

The Library's web page also publishes a yearly compendium of 'The Best Scottish Poetry'. Edited this year by Roddy Lumsden, the 2012 selection includes some great work by Alisdair Paterson, John Burnside, Jen Hadfield and others.

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